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Ting Mobile Invite a Friend Program

Ting Mobile Invite a Friend Program                                                                                

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Offer friends $25 off a new device or as Ting credit. For each successful referral, we’ll credit your account $25 to say thanks.

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A smarter way to do mobile.

The average Ting bill is just $23 per phone, per month.

Pay for what you use

A fair price for however much talk, text and data you use.

Nationwide coverage

Rest assured, Ting has you covered from coast-to-coast.

No contracts

We’re not about to lock you into a commitment. Try Ting risk-free.

You’re in control.

  • See usage at a glance
  • Take complete control
  • Set usage alerts

Who we are.

We are real people driven by an honest passion for making things that make sense.

What we believe in.

  Fairness

In everything we do, we gut check to make sure it’s right, reasonable and fair to everyone involved. If not, we take a step back and we don’t start again until whatever it is passes the test.

  Clarity

The industry we operate in relies and profits on confusion. We don’t. We give people the information others hide and trust them to make the choice that best suits them.

  Realness

We’re all people with our own personal preferences, passions, and opinions. We don’t gloss over our humanness or expect our customers to fit into simple archetypes.


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